Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Poignant Voice From the Past

This is a letter my sister recently found while doing some genealogy on our family.  It was written by my great grandmother, (my father's grandmother) on her death bed.  What an incredibly beautiful thing to realize that this woman was praying for my dad's salvation so many years ago.  My dad came to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ on the same night I  did -  in different rooms of my parents'  house-  31 years ago, after my mom had a brain aneurysm and was not expected to live through the night.  My dad was in his mid-50's, I was 26,  and his life and mine were radically changed forever. 

It is my understanding that Jennie lived a hard life (12 children!) and obviously wasn't well educated, but she knew who she was and Whose she was, and her life had great purpose.  I don't think it's a stretch to say that my and my immediate family's and extended family's salvations are probably the result of this dear woman's prayers for her children and grandchildren.  I am forever grateful that she was a praying woman.

I'm writing this note for all you parents and grandparents out there as an encouragement that your prayers matter!  This woman will someday be surrounded in heaven by generations of her family who love the same Lord Jesus she does, and we will be an "unbroken family."  Enjoy , and... "don't be ashamed to walk out on God's side."

Letter written by Savilla Virginia Alldredge “Jennie” Kennedy before her death on November 25, 1937 to be read to her family.  The envelope said, “To all my family.”  She had twelve children and seventeen grandchildren.  Her ancestors are from England. It is unedited.
"Don’t grieve for me for each and every one has been just as good and sweet to me as posible & I love you all so much.  Now I want to ask every one to be true Christains.  You all need a loving saviour to lean on in death you need his loving hand to guide you over the chilly waters of death.  Thares not one thing on this earth that I would exchange for my soul.  I have devoted my time day in and day out pleading with the Lord to save every one of mine own boys and girls and all of their husbands and wives and every grand child.  I know thares lots of wild temptations in the world today to lure you all from god.  In ways of swearing and drinking, gambling, stealing and so on, but I have all ways believed you all  to good a bunch to every do things like that all of you are sweet and good but not cristains like you should be.  Don’t be ashamed to walk out on god’s side.  Let the world know who you are.  He gives us our lives and every thing we have.  He has been so good to us all.  Now let’s show him our appreciation.  If you all like to be all shine for crist.  I want to be put away just neat and simple.  Save all you can to help dad over the rough places.  He won’t be here long after I am gone.  I want you brothers and sisters to all ways stay in tuch with each other and pray for each other and if one needs help the rest go to their rescue.  Don’t let them suffer for any thing you can do for each other.  Be good and when your time comes to leave here, come on to the glory land so as we can all be an unbroken family.  I know I have fell short on doing my duty in many ways, but I don’t ask for the higher courts of heaven.  I want to rest and pray god’s blessing on you all to follow faithfully on.  Mama loves you all lots.  Good by.  God bless you all."